Walking in Divine Timing

Delve into human vs. God’s timing with Joshua as a guide. Understand divine seasons, discern their length, and navigate life with wisdom and patience.

The Power of Being a Peacemaker

Call forth your spirits, explore Matthew 6:9. Peacemakers build bridges, fostering unity. Seek inner peace through Jesus. Be blessed as a peacemaker, shedding anxiety. Walk the path of peace.


Explore the Table of Shewbread's significance and God's provision. Walk boldly in faith, discern needs vs. wants, and embrace gratitude, witnessing divine interventions in life's journey.

Joy in His Presence

Embrace the joy of Psalm 16:11. From life's simple pleasures to divine encounters, see God's hand daily. Find treasures in challenges and be blessed with eternal pleasures and the joy of evangelism.